Jul 12


Unlock iPhone 4s 5.0.1 is the luring art that appeals the tech enthusiasts for various reasons. People who want a deep access on their OS are strongly upset with the tight hold of Apple over the system. People want freedom to install several modifications, tweaks and themes with any of their carrier.

For the majority of the people cracking their idevice is a difficult task because they are unaware of the easy and simple breaking process with ultrasn0w. Here is a stepwise procedure to enjoy your device to its full potential.

Stepwise Procedure To Unlock iPhone 4s 5.0.1

  • Launch cydia from the Springboard.
  • Once Cydia is running go to the “source Page” and click “manage”.
  • Click edit and add the Http://repo666.ultrsn0w.com.
  • Hit the “add source button “and the cydia will automatically update the source.
  • After the cydia refreshes click the “search” tab at lower end and hunt for ultrasn0w. As the ultrasn0w appears install it on your device.
  • Once ultrasn0w is installed on the idevice restart your idevice.
  • Your cell is cracked and you are now free to use any carrier on your iOS.

Points To Remeber When Unlock iPhone 4s 5.0.1

  • Keep a backup of your entire data and iTunes before carrying out the cracking procedure.
  • Cracking of idevices void its warranty and the user is responsible for every damage and loss.
  • Never believe on an unsafe and fake websites offering cracking facilities because they may damage your device.

Some of the idevice users are concerned about the complexities attached with cracking procedure. But, believe me it is not as difficult as it may sounds to the non-techies. It is quite easy process and is not limited for specialists anymore.

Cracking idevice allows users to use SIM card in their device and enjoy its functionalities in every nook of the world. It is very cost effective and doesn’t charge extra roaming charges. If revealing idevice seems difficult to you just consult cracking guide and enjoy matchless benefits.

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Cracking of idevice becomes the need of today’s generation and it is such a fun that it enables users to install other parties apps which are usually blocked by the manufacturers and can make use of any carrier irrespective of the location.

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